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  1. Papa says:

    Hi Austin,
    We are all enjoying your emails. It feels good to see that you are getting the FULL Missionary experience. After all, we do grow by not only seeing the good in people and the Lord’s hand in things, but we also grow by going through opposition. It was nice to read about the spirit that you felt as you prayed out loud while your companion was not in the room. I am convinced Austin, that Heavenly Father is talking with us all day long. We only hear him when we do the things necessary to be closer to him. Not just the standard things like Prayer, Fasting, Church Attendance etc.. But by actually putting all we have in the Lords hands. By talking to him all day long.
    Have you ever tried talking with him all day long? If not, try it. Instead of walking along thinking different things about this and that and this person or that person or Whatever else Missionaries think about try this; Heavenly Father that sure is a beautiful sunrise, or beautiful animal or instead of, “I wonder if I should cross the street and talk with that man”? You might try, “Heavenly Father should I go and talk with that man”? If you do this all day long, eventually you will hear Heavenly Father much more often as he gives you inspiration.
    Well, enough of my preaching. I love you and pray for you every day. Keep working hard!
    Love you, Papa

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