What I have heard about BYU lifestyle pales in comparison to the reality of the social blizzard that blows through provo during the first weeks of September. As soon as freshmen and sophomores close the car door for their departing mothers, they open the door to what they consider “living the dream”. Super sized parties, pumping ┬ámusic, pizza and whole sea of new girls are on the horizon. For some its a dream come true, and for others it can be a bit overwhelming. This flurry of social activity promotes new connections yes, but it also causes what some choose to call “too many fish in the sea syndrome”. You have heard the phrase “there are always more fish in the sea” to help comfort the broken hearted, but now even the couples that have a spark of connection struggle to ignite as they each consider how many other options there are within this 4 square mile campus. The competition is hot, ┬ábut it is expected to cool down as the infamous Utah winter begins to set in early next month. Those of us who love this social activity, but are a bit turned off by the superficial connections, look forward for this social blizzard to settle.

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