So, its official. I have been released from my assignment of being an assistant and have been called to be a Zone Leader in Pretoria North for the remainder of my mission. So that is going to be exciting. The last 6 months have been a good time, i have definitely learned alot from President omer and from the experiences i have had. The perspective should help me do what needs to be done in Pretoria, its gonna be a whole new ball game now that i know a thing or two about how things work. This transfer sure has flown by. So much has been done, and i am just glad its all overtomorrow. Over the last 3 weeks my companion and I have been researching the stake boundaries for the 8 stakes in our mission and rearranging the zones and districts for the first time in years. Now that that is done, i am done. I am really excited to get back into a full time area and to just tear it up.
Adventures of this week: I ATE CROCODILE! That was soo awesome. We also ate zebra, wildebeast, ostrich, and kudu. All of it was soo good. We just chowed on all this game meat, all you can eat. i think the zebra was my favorite. i felt like a legit african.
My mind is just blank, sorry, so much going on tomorrow that we need to coordinate and worry about. Transfer madness. Just know that Rafael is still doing really well, and the ruimsig ward is near impossible to leave. I have really grown to love them too much. So saying goodbye is just impossible, to be honest, i just avoided it. I said goodbye to the bishop and asked him to tell the ward how i felt. Its just too hard to leave. Next week should be exciting! till then, i am healthy and happy :)
Elder Elliott
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