Another transfer

Well this week has been quite the crazy transition. Still, we are moving at breakneck speed. I dropped Elder Davidson at the airport on Tuesday along with 10 other stellar missionary legends. Props to my companion, he really just did not want to leave. I will definitely miss that guy.
I already did as the new transfer began and my new companion Elder Bodily and I found ourselves waist deep in things to take care of ASAP. We spent the last week tying up the loose ends from our transfer and running around this way and that. It was sad to say goodbye to some elders that got their residency in Zimbabwe, so we had to say goodbye to three epic missionaries and close a few areas because of it. We also took a road trip to the village of Phokeng this week to drop some medicine off to a suffering elder out there. I hadn’t been out to that village since September 2012, so it was fun to go back and eat a Kota with Elder Kelebogile and Elder Johnson up there.
My favorite day of the week was probably on exchanges with Elder Ryan and Elder Tew. Possibly my two best friends that i have never been companions with. Now they are serving together in Fourways and we just had an awesome time together. We made our way in between Deipsloot and Fourways all day, and only ended up teaching three lessons, but it was still a great day.
It was great because the spirit was in every lesson, no doubt. It was just so nice to feel directed as we taught those that are preparing for baptism, or that are struggling in this way or that way. We taught a great man from the DRC who has recently been baptised and he is a powerful example of enduring to the end. I could just feel his great spirit and it was nice to spend time in a lesson with him and to feel of his faith.
We also taught a very very humble man in the trenches of Diepsloot who is so faithful as well. He is 30, single and has been living the Word of Wisdom his whole life minus tea and coffee. But it was mind blowing to think that such a man has remained clean and humble his whole life, staying away from bad substances and also remaining chaste in one of the sketchiest parts of Johannesburg. HOW? i have no idea, only that he has been blessed with a sensitive soul that is close to the light of christ within him. He is just so dedicated to the commandments we taught him and finds no problems with committing to obey his Father in Heaven. If this guy, who lives here can remain pure and clean, so can we. So faithful.
Well, another adventure is beginning for Elder Bodily and I. I think we will be great friends. We sure do have plenty of work to do!!! Love you all!
Elder Elliott



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  1. Doug Smith says:

    Hello Elder Elliott,
    Before I forget, our Mission President in the Long Beach Mission is President Tew. I didn’t think it was that common of a name until you wrote that there is an Elder Tew in your Mission! If you get a chance ask him if they are related, I will do the same.
    A funny thing happened. A couple of months ago, I was invited with the other Bishops in the Stake to participate in the Zone Conference. Whole there I met an Elder Atkinson. He and his companion randomly chose me to sit down with and talk about Missionary Work. We had a great conversation and we came up with some good ideas. Anyway, the funny thing is that your Uncle Mike was getting ready to take his 2nd tour of duty in Afganistan. Therefore, I flew to Colorado to give him a Fathers Blessing. While in Colorado I went to Church with them. While looking around the inside of their Church Building I came across some Missionary plaques on the wall. And there it was, a plaque with Elder Atkinsons picture and his name and it said that he would serve in the LONG BEACH, CA. MISSION!
    I took a picture of it and when I got back, I showed him a picture on my iPhone. He couldn’t believe that I had a pic of his plaque! As we spoke, we found out that he didn’t know Mike or Ann very well however he knew “Little Michael” and always shook his hand and gave him a hug. It’s a small world, especially in the Church!
    Elder, my YSA Ward is doing great! I love working with all of them! We just lost a bunch of them to BYU PROVO, IDAHO and HAWAII. A couple were just married as well! This is a great way of losing them! We have 112 members in our Ward. My goal as their Bishop is to help them to build their Testimonies. If they have strong Testimonies then everything else falls into place: Missionary Work, Activity in the Church, Temple Attendance, college, and of course the most important thing which is finding and marrying the right person in the right place, the Temple! As far as Missionary Work, we have baptized one person a month for the last several months which is good but our goal is 2 people per month so we need to do better!
    I’m very excited for you because of you being accepted into BYU PROVO! I know that you will love it as you did Idaho! It is great that you will be there with your sister! She is so excited that you will be there with her as well!
    Well Austin, Conference is starting in 6 minutes so I need to get ready for it. I love you very much, Grami says to tell you that she loves you, Papa & Grami

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