Member missionary work

Time is flying.

This week went by crazy fast again. and i get the sense that the next week will be even faster, just staying really busy is making it seem like life is a blur. So, let me share a sweet experience that happened yesterday.
Our ward is doing so great at doing member missionary work. The last 3 weeks we have had a baptism and families in the ward have been inviting their friends to come. Its been so great! Yesterday we got to witness the baptism of TM, an 8 year old in the ward and that was such a sweet service. Elder Cook of the 70 was there and he was all smiles as usual. The best part was that afterwards we got to meet a sweet Indian couple that the M family had invited. We chatted for a good time while eating a delicious plate of Biryani (super good indian food). They were such a sweet couple! and talking to them was so pleasant and fluid and just so natural. I was really grateful for that. The ward interacted with them alot as well and it was just such a great fellowshipping day. The couple invited us over next week to come and learn how to make biryani and we are super stoked.
 Tonight we also have our first FHE with a family in the ward where they invited a family that they are friends with. I am really quite excited, this is how missionary work is supposed to be done! I just pray that the spirit will be there in the lesson with us and that it can be a great experience for everyone involved.
I had another sweet experience on exchanges in Centurion when i met a member family. I gave the opening prayer and asked for the spirit to be with us in the home and also for each of us to be edified by what is taught. I wasnt really expecting the spiritual experience that we shared together. I did feel edified as the warmth of the spirit was so overwhelming and powerful as we spoke about meaningful lessons from parables in the new testament. I am really grateful for the lessons my family taught me based on the parable of the prodigal son. I shared how Dad used that parable to teach me very often in different challenging stages of life. Dad used both sons in the parable to teach me different lessons about obedience, forgiveness, family love and humility. I learned lessons from the father in the story about pure love, righteous rewards and mercy. It was great as we all sat in family room and shared special experiences and were edified. Prayer answered.
Well, mission is great. Just wish i could swim haha. love you!
Elder Elliott
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