Happy New Year!

We have had some great holidays here in Jozi. The missionary work is a little bit tougher because most people left starting from mid december till next week. They go to the rural villages or to Durban for the war beach. But despite all of our investigators leaving and our wards numbers being a little bit down, we had a great time. We celebrated new years day with the V family in Edenvale and it was such a fun day. We had a huge braii. Tons of meat, salads and cool drink. We played bochie ball on the lawn and played some board games. It was just a nice chill day with a family i seriously love.

Besides that we are back on top of things. Elder Golden from the 70 instructed us in priesthood and he taught some very powerful principals. We had a Q&A with him and i learned alot! One thing that i really soaked up was how we should really rely on the words of the prophets for the doctrine of the church. He is on the scripture board for the church and he was telling us how inspired the church magazines were and things like that. It was really cool.
Things are kinda the same here in Ruimsig, we are just trying to make things work. Its difficult because our schedule is so shifty so we cant have so many planned appointments or activities, most of the work we do is inbetween the work for the mission. So its mostly unplanned finding like tracting or contacting, which is fine except our area is all gated communities and really giant houses. So that unplanned finding thing doesnt work. So, we are just trying everything to make something happen and get our image in the community. We are going to do a booth this week and talk about family history. Speaking of that, i tried to look at my family history stuff, but i can only see what grandma has done. How can i link to what everyone else in our family has done? i dont even have moms side at all. Or dads biological side. That stuff would be cool to show some of these people we are trying to teach.
Am i liking where i am? I really am. Mostly just because i know its where God has asked me to be. Its hard work, but i wouldnt be happy working somewhere i am not supposed to be. President Omer is so great too. I had an interview with him last week and we spoke about the work i have been doing and he told me why i was called to be his assistant and he lifted me up quite a bit. The work is just different. I study and pray for missionaries in the mission more than for investigators. I am really focused on trying to lift, encourage, inspire and bless elders who are going through really tough times. I love these elders a lot.
So, i am where i want to be. I am just trying to be a good boy, do what i am told and prompted to do and learn what needs to be learnt.
Elder Elliott
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