Its happening in Ruimsig!

Our ward is going from zero to hero! k, it wasnt really zero at first, but in the missionary work sector it was. But now, things are going super well. I am so happy for the spirit that has been draped over the members in Ruimsig and the charity that they are developing as the unity of the ward grows every week. We just got another referral for the sweetest family of three from a member family. Went over for a Sunday lunch and the members had invited their friends who we had met once before. We had food, played some instruments, shared about the atonement of the Savior and just had a great time. When we invited L and his wife M to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, a look of relief just came over them and they smiled and agreed. Love that reaction. So that has been the blessing of the week. A couple sweet experiences that happened this week as well:

 So, My companion didnt get into BYU which was a real bummer for him. To soothe his angry heart we went to get a waffle at Milky Lane. While we are sitting there talking about our options in life, a random woman sits down next to my companion and kinda interrogates us about who the elders are in Little Falls (us) and when and where church is…then thanks us a leaves. Just like that. It all happened so fast. but weird things like that just happen, so we shrugged it off. Well, this week she came to church with her two little boys. The bishop recognized her and quickly made contact as well. Turns out she is a member of the church that had lost contact and the last time she came was a year ago with her husband who is not a member of the church. Now the ward is there to help her and her family and of course we will be visiting them as well! So cool how that stuff works.
Story #2: I get a call from Elder P who is working in Cosmo City, my area last year. He told me that a random girl named L randomly showed up at church and was really interested to learn more. She is YSA age and the YSA in the branch quickly befriended her and invited her to an activity they had planned during the week. L went and loved it. Elder P had just met her again when she went to institute the other night and asked her how she had found the church. She said “last year sometime two missionaries knocked on my door and spoke to me outside about Jesus Christ and the Book Of Mormon, there names were Elder Elliot and Elder Kewuti. They invited me to church and gave me this card then left me with their phone number. I forgot about them till last week when i found the card under my bed and thought that i should really go back to church, so i came.” That was great. L is doing great now and has been progressing since she came to church that first time. Its just a testimony builder that no effort is wasted.
There are more….but let this suffice. I feel really privileged to be in the service of our Lord. We had zone conferences this week and it took me three conferences to understand deeply what the mission president wanted us to understand. That is that our purpose is to help people access the Atonement. I have the responsibility to help people repent and be baptized so that they can receive the gift of the holy ghost and have their sins remitted. Without the the Gift of the Holy Ghost, no man can be sanctified and purified of his sins. The savior set the example, now we need to follow it, and help others on their way.
That was a ramble, but its what is on my mind. I got my package! hurray! Thanks family for the liscence and clothes haha the shirts were a crack up.
Love you all.
Elder Elliott
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  1. Scott says:

    sheesh, isn’t it time for him to be home yet!

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