Do Miracles Cease?

Lets start this week with the most powerful encounter with the spirit and the most uplifting day of the week.

I was on splits with Elder Rowberry and Elder Day in Pretoria North and we were having a kinda tough day. Most of the appointments in the afternoon cancelled as the day went forward and we ended up doing a lot more finding than we had planned on.
We would tract for an hour, then call our appointment, they would not be home, so we keep knocking doors. and the pattern continued all day till we realized our only appointment is at 7 pm for dinner at a members home. Knocking doors in Pretoria North is a tough deal. Classic middle-upper class town with gates on every house, plenty of dogs, and on our particular day, the threat of a downpour.
Most people we spoke to were kind, but not interested. Dogs proved to be the most insulting as their constant barking made us feel hated by even the beasts of the earth. There were also a few men that were less than kind, and that got us a bit discouraged. Then there was a house where we were humbled. A young lady answered with very poor eye sight and invited us in to share a short thought and pray for her sister. Her sister named C. is 30 or so and had been in a car accident two years ago and is now mentally handicapped and in a wheel chair for the rest of her life.
We shared the plan of salvation, and C’s faith in the Savior Jesus Christ is so firm. She knew she would be resurrected and not only that, but her sister with poor eye sight who let us in told us their father had passed away a few months ago, and that they knew they could see him again someday. Such a humbling door to knock. I am grateful for the chance we had to minister in their home.
Now, later in the day. The rain is threatening us and the people are getting more resistant to come out to the gate because of it. We tract into a stubborn pastor of another church who is rather harsh with us and very resistant to listen to our message. All these events lead us to the home of L and her family.
We knock on the gate of this small brown house and two kids open the door. Elder Rowberry jokes with them a bit, makes them laugh, then we ask for their mom or dad. A mother comes around the corner of the house with a real look of concern and even anger towards us and we try to help her understand who we are and what we are doing. She was really quite confused. Turns out her son had not come home from school, and it was about 6pm. She was a very very worried mother and had thought that the young men in white shirts and ties were coming to give bad news about her son. So we asked if she wanted us to help her look for him, but she denied us. So we asked if we could pray together that he would come home safe. She agreed and we went inside to meet those two little kids again and to pray for their brother to come home safe.
The prayer was offered in the family room and the spirit was so sweet. Mom was comforted just a bit and agreed to let us share with her our message of the restoration. We read from the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi 17, the ministry of Jesus Christ to the Nephites, and especially the verses that speak of the healing the savior gave the afflicted among the people. We also read through the verses that reflect the saviors feelings about the innocent children and the angels that minister over them. The spirit was so powerful as we taught these 10 year old twins and their mom about how much love Jesus Christ has for them. As we are reading those verses, the missing son walked up the driveway and mom expressed her relief with a whispered prayer “thank you God…” Honestly, the spirit was so strong in that home. There was no denying the love of God there. The mom asked for us to come back soon so she could learn more.
Life is full of miracles, i am just happy to be a part of it. This next week the stakes are rising for me and my companion. On top of the hectic schedule we already have, we are getting another proselyting area to care for. Its called Dobsonville, Soweto. I dare you to look it up :)
Love you all!
Elder Elliott
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One comment on “Do Miracles Cease?
  1. Mmule says:

    I came across this article purely by accident as I googled your church. I live in Mabopane approximately 30 min from Pretoria North and I recently had a brief conversation with four of your “fellow brothers” at what I can describe as the local fast food joint as they had something to chowdown on this evening. I recognized them as the guys on the bikes for many years I’d hear about but never actually paid much attention to them,in fact I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the guys who come along on bikes with red ties in my church before . Anyway back to today having a conversation with who I believe to be Elder Rowberry and the others I realized that before anything they peaked my curiosity and although I’m already christian where I not I would have taken a minute to listen to what they had to say based in approach…… In other works keep up what ure doing if anything all your charisma’s put together probably attract more people than you think. I doubt you guys become discouraged but when u do my advice would be that even when u don’t realize it some1 out there is benefiting only from ure presence (its a chain of events sort of thing). Hope to bump into more of u guys in the future so I have more stories to use in my youth teaching.

    I realize my comment has nothing to do with the above post but I felt in some way its relevant


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