The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been written in my heart

What a great week!

There is really no way to explain how time works here. The blurring of days is getting worse and worse. But what is important was how much i felt the spirit this week! I went on a few exchanges and i can really tell when a companionship is unified and worthy because i feel the spirit in the lessons with them and i am taught and edified as well. The spirit was our companion when we visited with this lady who is married to a member. She is has been exposed to the doctrine of the church for years, but things just werent clicking. But when we met with her this week, we spent time sharing with her about our purpose in life, and what the nature of Jesus Christ is. The Spirit gave simple confirmation to me that she was learning a lot and not just in her mind, but in her heart, written on by the Holy Ghost. That was great, i knew that we made a difference in someones life that day.
Elder Davidson and I got to spend a lot of time in our area this week which was great. It just felt really good to get out on foot in our area and be seen. Just waving to cars, greeting people on the street, saying hi in the stores etc. Our biggest success was inside a barber shop with the nice lady who cut my hair. She liked to talk, but i could tell, if she wasnt cutting my hair, i may never have had the chance to speak to her like i did then. We talked openly about religion and what i did as a missionary. She asked great questions and answering them felt so fluid. We got to exchange about the Book of Mormon and that was great as well. What was nice was when she opened up a bit about her family. I said kinda aside that we liked to help families and she asked “can you help my family?”  She has had some rough times with her husband the last week or so, and she has her baby boy that is just about 18 months. I assured her that i knew we had a message that could help her family. The point is, its so fulfilling to speak to people with walls down and just try and help each other with our problems. It would be such a tender mercy to get to meet with her family, and i think someday she will be ready for the gospel.
At this point i feel like basic principals and doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ have been written in my heart. Its a part of who i am and that’s why its so easy to share. Because of this, teaching the gospel with the spirit is easier and easier. testimony becomes ingrained in teaching the from the scriptures. We had such a great experience teaching a father led family last night where we taught a bit differently than usual, but it was what spirit knew they needed and it turned out great,
There are too many little moments than i could possibly share, but know that the Lords work is being done!
Love ya,
Elder Elliott
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2 comments on “The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been written in my heart
  1. Scott says:

    And THIS is what can keep you strong the rest of your life. Remember the feeling you have now when you go through a rough patch later in life, and this will keep you close the the rod. Congratulations, not everyone has such moments. Or they forget them when they fill the brain with crap.

  2. William Pier says:

    We were excited to find this blog and read about the Johannesburg mission. We will be serving there starting sometime early in March of this year so reading about some of the areas and the missionaries gives us some idea of what we will experience. Having served in the Durban mission from 2009-2010 this will be our second mission to South Africa. We look forward to meeting elder Elliott and thank you for sharing his letters home.

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